Friday, June 25, 2010


as you may know, i sing in a choir. it's called 'threshold choir' - here is how they describe it...

The all-women Threshold Choirs honor the ancient tradition of singing at the bedsides of people who are struggling: some with living, some with dying. The voice, as the original human instrument, is a true and gracious vehicle for compassion and comfort. The choirs provide opportunities for women to share the sacred gifts of their voices at life's thresholds.

we've been singing together for about a year, learning songs, sharing our voices and preparing for the opportunity to sing at bedside. so far this year has been more about me - filling myself up with these wonderful harmonies sung with such love. learning to trust my voice and sing out. playing with the idea that i can sing and can even find the harmonies myself - sometimes:)

tomorrow, we move on to more learning. an all day workshop about taking the step towards preparing for that call. there was homework assigned via email. the "personal reflection worksheet" exercise came at the right time for me. it's time to be more reflective, look inward, answer some hard and interesting questions about my life and my desires.
some of the questions -

what or who inspires you? what is important in your life right now?
what brings you joy?

what is your source of strength?

what sustains you in difficult times?

and then there are the questions on mortality...

when you die, who or what will you be sad to leave?
if you had one month to live, how would you spend it?
my life has meaning because?

the one i enjoyed answering the most was
"write down some special moments you treasure in your life - would you like to share this with anyone?"

here's my answer but it's only the beginning
(such a nice trip!)

i'm sharing it with you:)

my high school english teacher 'seeing' me as a person and acknowledging that,
sailing for the first time in hawaii and lying on the boat with the dolphins under me,

committing my love to george in our seventh year of togetherness with our friends and family,

laughing so hard i almost pee my pants!
taking my mom to mexico,

family gatherings at my aunt and uncles' - so much singing!

swimming in the ocean in bali and pretty much anywhere else,

singing with my family at my grandma's 90th birthday celebration,

skinny dipping in gabriola,

working with my dad in his workshop (the comfortable silence),

holding g's hand while snorkeling in galapagos,

holding g's hand period!,

lying in bed listening to the birds,

putting on a wetsuit for the first time and feeling alive and free - just before swimming with the sharks!

singing with the threshold choir - the angelic harmonies and loving faces,

there’s so much more!

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