Monday, May 25, 2009

The Time, It is Flying!

I'm not making apologies anymore about my lack of blogging frequency. Typically it means that I'm busy enjoying my life so I'll catch up when I can, ok? Geez, I don't know why you have to give me such a hard time! :) Oh right, that's just me giving me a hard time.

I hope you all enjoyed the sun as much as I did this past weekend! It was so healing and warm. One of G. and my favourite things to do on a weekend without houseguests (and sometimes with houseguests) is to go on driving adventures. Yesterday we hit another jackpot. I still can't believe all of this beauty is right at my doorstep!
We drove down to Robert's Creek and picked up a couple of peanut butter balls and drinks at the Gumboot Cafe and then walked down to the water. Instead of just going to the end of the road like we usually do, we went down the side path and onto the rocky ocean front. The tide was quite a ways out so we just walked and walked - through what seemed like acres of seaweed and kelp beds which led to hundreds of brilliant purple starfish basking in the hot sun. They were absolutely everywhere! A local expert joined us on our journey - we named him Simon. He lost interest when we didn't share our peanut butter balls and wandered back home.
Of course, there were also heron, seagulls and eagles to keep us company.
G. spotted this baby wolf eel and carefully carried it to safety.
Driving further down the lower road, we next discovered Robert's Creek Provincial Park. Who knew!?!
As our stomachs were starting to grumble and G. was itching to get back to his new bbq, we finally found someone to fill our propane tank on a Sunday and headed home to enjoy our yard and the view. (The cruise ships are now part of the 7pm-ish show)
...and on a quick side note - Barbie took me for my birthday lunch last week (I love celebrating my birthday whenever I can!) at an amazing new French restaurant on Cambie called Pied-a-Terre. If you have an opportunity to splurge anytime soon, you must try it. They have a set menu for lunch which was reasonably priced and the food? Well, we couldn't stop ooh-ing and aah-ing the whole meal. Soooo good! Here's a glimpse of our dessert.yummmm!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hello again...

mother's day - last weekend - with both of our lovely moms. ALL weekend. There were pedicures, plant shopping excursions, lovely dinners, brunch at bonniebrook and more family visits.
a glimpse...

and nephew lost his frisbee in the culvert
whew...he found it! crazy kid!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Time for a Haircut???

I'm getting my haircut on Wednesday. Don't ya think it's time???

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Few of My Favourite Things...

bird from Swallow's Nest
balls (made with cinnamon) from Bali
bowl from Mihrab on Main Street
new placemats from Kerns - Gibsons (only $1.99 each!)
plate with bird from Nikaido - Steveston

birthday gift from my lovely friend, Karin
I love the colours and the quote is so perfectly timed!
"Sometimes your only transportation is a leap of faith" by Margaret Sheppard

place setting - makes me smile

"weeds" from my yard
blue leaf tray from my new favourite local store - The Swallow's Nest
(our quirky chairs were from there as well)
tulip - I never planted any flowers in the yard so everything that comes up is a surprise and a gift!

glass eggs from Mosaic Market in Davis Bay
blue dish from Bali

Super cute shopping bag at the beach - a handmade gift from Cynthia

deer - just down the road from our house! (I love how he posed for us:)
flowers in my garden
I noticed there was a bit of a bird theme going on here...hmmm...
Happy weekend to you - I'm off to the flea market.