Friday, July 9, 2010

One more sleep...

Well, it's been 5 sometimes long/sometimes shockingly short weeks since I saw my George off at the airport to go on his 900 km pilgrimage in Spain. I didn't know what that separation would feel like or if the time/distance might make me feel differently. I guess my biggest fear was that it might make him feel differently.
Well the good news is, I believe it has done that to us both. Even before he left, there was a new sweetness there in anticipation of our separation. In our time apart, that feeling has only deepened. Through our facebook "chats", I believe we've discovered even more about our love and friendship. It's that, yes, we want to continue sharing our lives together and that experiences shared are even that more precious!
I'm certainly not suggesting that he wishes I was there for his walk. That was his journey...his dream. But I think the knowing that we'd be together at the end helped him too. Tomorrow I will fly to Madrid to meet the love of my life! I can't wait. I believe there are great things in store for us both and we are blessed to have our love and desire to share those together!
Ciao for now, my friends! Thanks to all for your love and support.

Oh yeah...Go Spain Go!!!