Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the Threshold...

2 weeks ago Friday, I was invited to attend a meeting of a newly formed choir here on the coast. It's called the Threshold Choir. I had heard a bit about it from a friend who had been and googled it to learn its' history, etc. but...could not have imagined the power, healing and magic of these voices joined in song all focused on one purpose. The songs chosen are picked/written for their nurturing words/melodies to provide comfort and inspiration for someone who is "struggling: some with living, some with dying." As you can see if you visit the website, one of the purposes of the group choir is to prepare for a time when 2 to 3 people might be asked to sing for someone in need. I don't know when I would be ready to make that step - but just being in that room for 1 night (with the opportunity to sit in the middle of the room and be sung to), changed my life and made me vibrate with energy like I've never felt before. These choirs are popping up all over and one is being formed in Vancouver as we speak. Have a listen. I can't wait to go again tomorrow night! What song fills your heart?

Sunday, October 4, 2009