Monday, July 20, 2009

Another weekend on the Coast...

It was a jam-packed weekend...again! Friday night our good friend, Doug, flew over from Nanaimo and we made our now regular jaunt down to Smitty's Oyster Bar for a delectable feast. Saturday, Barb made her way over to be part of the live radio event happening down at the Lane. I got interviewed live twice on the radio which was great promo for Bodacious - there was also fantastic live music by Verna Chan and her crew. George and Doug headed out on the boat for a 3 hour tour.
It was really hot and we were all pretty much done, so we headed down to the newly licensed Black Bean coffee shop for some cold coronas and snacks with new and old friends. So much fun, sitting outside on a hot summer day looking at the ocean view.
Saturday's dinner was at home - our now infamous maui rib tacos with homemade guacamole. So yummy - if I do say so myself! ...and then the badminton challenge was on. Always good for a laugh - especially when the boys try to get the birdie off the roof ("we used to do this in university!")!
Sunday we breakfasted at Molly's Reach, and headed down to veg at our beach for awhile. Barb had to get back to the city earlier and Doug flew home to Nanaimo in the later afternoon. This weekend - we'll be driving Big Momma in the Sea Cavalcade parade.
Now, when am I supposed to get the housework done???
Check out my facebook page for more pix since every time I try to download pictures here, my computer crashes. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bean...about a month ago

he's quite a bit bigger now. pretty cute, huh?
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Lazy Sunday...

Hello friends! George just asked me why I don't blog any more so I thought I'd post an update on my whirlwind life these days. Things are moving fast and furious down at Molly's Lane where we set up a Bodacious booth in April. Last week I moved into an even larger space and on September 1st, we'll be setting up in the largest available space there as the woman who is currently there is vacating. I think it's almost as big as our Vancouver store and much less expensive so...very exciting and a great new challenge! In the meantime, I'm trying to get the word out here on the coast that we're here. Yesterday, that meant a first ever fashion show with a new friend/co-vendor, Verna (who's also been kicking my butt at boot camp:). Here are some pix for you.

We've also been enjoying getting to know some new friends. We've had a few weekends in between guests which left some time to actually get to know some locals. Lots of events including Gibsons Jazzfest, Sunshine Coast Youth Idol, frequenting the oyster bar down at Gibsons Harbour called Smitty's, and last night after the fashion show, we shared some wine, dancing and laughs with friends while listening to music in the park. So much better than I could have even hoped! Last weekend we even managed to go for a couple of quick dips in the ocean with my brother and his family. (quick because it was freakin' cold!!!) We've found our new favourite spot down at Robert's Creek beach and I can't wait to have a sunset dinner there sometime soon. Today however, is a dedicated lazy Sunday. A bit of housecleaning just so I can enjoy being here but that's about it. We did get to meet our new god-puppy (we're the god/dog-parents), Bean, this afternoon just after our lovely friends picked him up. Wheaton/poodle cross - soooo cute!
And that's about it - for now. How the heck are you?

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

This morning from the ferry going to the city...

from G's blackberry! what a gorgeous start to the day!
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the view from our back yard about 5 minutes ago...

just wish i had a better camera! full moon next week...
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