Saturday, September 25, 2010

10 Years Ago a Dream Was Born...

10 years ago at the beginning of October, bodacious was born.
that's just under a quarter of my life.
it's 1/2 of the time i've been with my george.
it's 10 years that changed my world.

i never knew what the business would look like or how it would grow.
finding our first location, selecting the name (so exciting!), painting our new digs (gotta find those pix), our first sale (we still have the $5 bill framed) and thinking this was the!
and it us (which is all that mattered).
we were revolutionary in what we were offering women and we heard that feedback all the time.

i never imagined the successes we'd have or the experiences we would share.
i also couldn't have known the challenges that owning your own business would bring.
sometimes it's REALLY hard. (today is one of those days:)
it's been a phenomenal roller coaster ride - just when we thought we had things figured out, a new challenge would present itself and make us rethink the plan. and we did. we grew with the business and it (along with the customers) guided us through. we worked through our fears and maintained a friendship through some very trying times.
but...that's life, isn't it?
it's a roller coaster ride through experiences that hopefully help us grow and become wiser and better functioning human beings.

there is a new chapter being written now.
our bodacious baby is nearing it's teens and needs some love and gentle guidance.
i'm not sure exactly what the plot is or how this book/adventure will end for me.
time will tell.
in the meantime, i'm going to appreciate the blessings and the growth and the support.
your support helps a lot!

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